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  • "The credit card concept for afb is unique and has attracted more customers to my store. Am hoping to get an increased turnover rate."
    Kamlesh, K.K Optics
  • "afb has given the store a new customer base thus increasing the turnover rate. Availability of aggressive agents who interact with customers at the store thus informing the customers about afb credit card has contributed to increased sales since they can purchase goods they initially not afford."
    Lalji, Textline
  • "The afb credit card is a one stop credit card, because when I applied for the card I got it within 30 minutes, in the same store and I did my shopping with the card. It's also customer friendly due to it's flexible six months repayment period."
    Moses, Customer Wardrobe Collections
  • "afb’s retail card has increased sales in our store since more shoppers have come to buy goods via afb card and in terms of security; it is safer for us, since we keep less cash in the store as a result of the online transactions."
    Amin Visram Sunderjee, Power Innovations (K) Ltd., Village Market
  • "The relationship that has been formed between afb and Baus optical within such a short time is cordial and professional. afb representatives and afb’s branding are outstanding and as a result our customer base has increased."
    Rachael Kariuki, Baus Optical, Hilton arcade, CBD
  • "Customer base has increased greatly as a result of our customers using the afb card in our store.The afb representatives are friendly and have formed a good relationship with Makarim’s staff and our customers."
    Farid, Makarim Ltd., Hilton arcade, CBD
  • "The AFB money changed our lives – thank you! We were able to buy enough stock to expand our business in a way that would have taken years otherwise."
  • "Just to let you know how the money helped - my operation went successfully last week."
    Mrs Frimpong
  • "We are on track to keep the payments up and honour our side of the deal - it has been a pleasure doing business with you!"
    Mr J Odamatten
  • "Fast, efficient and helpful - when we needed you, you were there!"
    Mrs Antwi